soundtrack project

As many of you who follow Writing Simply Is know, much of my poetry is intextricably linked to music and lyrics. This month, I will be launching an autobiographical project wherein I chronicle some of the most influential events of my life and the songs that are associated with my memories because they were playing during these moments. This is a sneak peak at the list.

  1. Unwinding Cable Car — Anberlin
  2. Day Late Friend — Anberlin
  3. Everything is Easy — Third Eye Blind
  4. Grey Sky Eyes — Carbon Leaf
  5. June Hymn — The Decemberists
  6. Always — Tyson Motsenbocker
  7. Name — Goo Goo Dolls
  8. Nothing Like You and I — The Perishers
  9. Best of Me — The Starting Line
  10. The Sun and the Moon — Mae
  11. Fragile N. 4 — Dustin O’Halloran
  12. Stay Young, Go Dancing — Death Cab for Cutie
  13. Black Flies — Ben Howard
  14. The Light — The Album Leaf
  15. Featherstone — The Paper Kites
  16. Remembering Sunday — All Time Low

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